Partner Application

Only upon written notification by EMARneek of application approval, pharmacy will be authorized to begin licensing, interfacing with and promoting EMARneek (including electronic medication administration record – eMAR) to be interfaced (electronically or manually) with the pharmacy indicated above and facilities served by the pharmacy in accordance with these terms & conditions.

• Each pharmacy location must pay EMARneek a $2,000 one-time start-up fee.

• EMARneek will license “EMARneek Rx”, with accompanying interface and management tools to the pharmacy, and “EMARneek” to the facility under a separate end user license agreement.

• Since Pharmacy owns the primary relationship with Facility, EMARneek will provide a consolidated invoice to Pharmacy for BOTH the software licensed to Pharmacy and software separately licensed to the Facility. Pharmacy will invoice indicated amount to Facility.

• Pharmacy’s portion for software licensed to and installed at the pharmacy is reflected in the monthly fee per Active Resident.

• Pharmacy will invoice the monthly fee per Active Resident for the software licensed to and installed at the Facility.

• As a partner pharmacy, all billing will be sent directly to the pharmacy. EMARneek can itemize your billing to help you understand the breakdown of costs for convenience.

• Facility may opt to purchase other EMARneek products or services directly from EMARneek or that pharmacy may choose to be invoiced by EMARneek through pharmacy.

• Transfer fees are not applicable for facilities changing to EMARneek from paper MARs or competing eMAR systems. However, if a Facility is already using EMARneek and interfaced with another Pharmacy, a mandatory fee of $975/facility is required to transfer it to your pharmacy.

• EMARneek collaborates with a wide range of industry partners, which may provide additional pricing incentives beyond those shown above:

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